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Since the dawn of mankind’s first awakenings beyond the sustenance of physical and biological satisfaction, since the first contemplative look towards the night’s sky - The fervent, elemental desire to understand and manipulate the mysterious nature of reality, consciousness and the universe has been a within us all.

The Occult, from the original Latin – Occultus – Is defined as clandestine & secret – ‘Hidden knowledge’ – It is the original desire for knowledge and power and even further – This desire is the Original Taboo of humankind. An open acknowledgment of each of our own innate Magick and as beings who are born free in body and mind.

“The taboo on woman's body is the taboo that always hovers over the place of magic. Woman is literally the occult, which means ‘the hidden’.”

And now, as the moon moves into it’s final quarter….. Something is laying it wait within The House.

A secret society for those who practise the left hand side of magick. The darker and more powerful realms of this world will merge as the Esoteric Order conjure and invoke the spirits of the underworld.

“As Above, so Below”

As the clock strikes Midnight on March 23rd and the Vernal Equinox Ostara passes, the ritual sacrifice will begin. This new phase brings change, the coming of new life, Chaos, and having passed through the darkness and given our offerings, a time for childish exuberance and wonder shall begin.

Bad Bruises inviting you to invoke your own Black Magick….

Knock. Knock.

The House of Red Doors is open once again...

DJ Line Up:

John Osborn /// tanstaafl
Ricardo Esposito /// grime box
Reza Athar /// horizon
Jacob Phono /// highgrade, tonkind
Sebastian Voigt /// outcast oddity, renate
The Swift /// renate, voyager
Laura de Vasconcelos /// party colare, zona
Vvicky /// makumba

Artist Line Up (More TBC):

Signorina Valentina DeMonia
Julietta la Doll
Bishop Black
Viva Lamore
Foxy P.Cox

Tarot Card Reading by Morgan Hasenfuß

+ SO many more treats and wonderous surprises from our Devilish freaky family of performers.


Room themes coming soon!


Doors at 11pm

The Black Magick ritual takes place on the Black Floor downstairs at Midnight before we begin opening up the rest of The House.


Please respect each other people, we are in an open environment for experimenting and letting loose BUT there is no expectation - If you want to play, remember to play safe. Don't take what isn't given and Don't give what doesn't want to be taken.

Be cool, basically. Don't be a dick head.

We have no qualms with kicking out anyone who doesn't behave respectfully.

Guests of The House can speak to any member of staff at any time if they feel unhappy, overwhelemed, unsafe or wish to report anything at all. Even bar staff have walkie talkies connected to the security. We will also have our 'care team' wearing red bandanas walking through The House to make sure everyone is

Changes for this time -

COSTUMES have now naturally evolved to be an essential part of The House of Red Doors. Getting in in normal street clothes is very, very unlikely, so -


They make it a more Magick, stranger, sexier and more beautiful night for all, on and off the stage. We want to see how bizarre, gorgeous, weird, odd, graceful, repulsive and sexy you can be!

We will now have two seperate entrances and teams of door staff for pre-paid tickets/guestlist and tickets purchased on the door.