This is the last HORDs of 2017 and we're going to open some minds, blow some minds and go out with a huge bang...

Where do we go once we close our eyes? What vistas and dimensions do we travel to? We all dream, yet it is our own private window into our own mysterious unconsciousness that we encounter in the dark of the night, never to be shared first-hand with anyone else.

Our glimpses into the unique power of our own brains have since the dawn of time inspired creativity and innovation of all kinds. We can be terrified, inspired, aroused, confused and conjure every emotion and image imaginable simply by laying our heads down to sleep.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
― Vincent van Gogh


Mistake Made ♾ Vault Series
Tallmen.785 ♾ Tanstaafl, Hotflush
Perel ♾ O*rs, rebirth
José Manuel ♾ Optimo, Kill the DJ, Tusk
PEAK & SWIFT ♾ Renate Schallplatten
La Fraicheur ♾ Leonizer, freinds with benefits, Quer
Stefan Z ♾ MFR, Rhombus
Cyranotaurus Cortex ♾ Yorck12, Renate